ColorSet Composites has created a ground-breaking manufacturing process that will revolutionize the custom durable graphic panel, sign and surface industries.  Five years, thousands of man hours, and multiple patent applications have resulted in patents awarded in 28 countries and counting.  Prototype testing ensures that the most progressive step in custom graphic composites manufacturing in decades is now available to produce the most advanced graphic panel.

By formulating and mixing our resins in house there are many benefits that result with this patented process.

The flexibility of resin formulation allows:

  • Elimination of layers removes warping and delamination as well as creating a hydrophobic graphic panel that can be used in wet environments and even submerged for zoo and aquarium graphics.
  • In-house mixing and formulation of resins allow us to emphasize graffiti and UV resistance and weatherability.
  • Our polyurethane resin is inherently an anti-microbial material very much like HDPE food grade cutting surfaces except much harder.
  • We offer a true non-prorated 10-year warranty.
  • Only interpretive graphics company that offers refacing if you have graphic changes.  You can send in your old graphic panels and we will reface them by grinding off the image and reinfusing the resin to the resin, creating, once again, a panel with no layers.
  • Industry leading dot size that we interface through a special raster processor to get a 1,000 DPI grey scale image results in prints with extremely clear readable text as low as 4 point in a positive or negative text area.
  • Our infusion process is compression free, so we don’t squeeze our image, as we melt the resin together. We bond our image through an exothermic process, so there’s no compression that can distract or compromise our image.
  • In-house mixing and formulation of resins allow for the exclusion of VOC’s and formaldehyde.
  • Our raw materials have been certified as free of lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.
  • We are a zero waste company meaning we bring 100% of the product in to make it, have no daily trash pickup and eliminate consumables and waste by not using release liners and tapes and by using reusable texture plates, panel molds and connectors.
  • The graphic infusion process dramatically reduces energy consumption as high pressure and heat are not required to produce a graphic panel.

Product Line

We are committed to producing long-lasting products in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. We take a critical look at ourselves to ensure that we are doing everything possible to minimize our environmental impact. We are serious-minded and take our place on the planet quite seriously. That’s why we are always looking for ways to improve.

Raw Materials

We use durable UV cure inks that are safe, non-toxic and eliminate VOC’s and formaldehyde that can be found in other high-definition printing processes.  Our raw materials have been certified as free of lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.


Recycling & Reuse

We utilize recycled content and rapidly renewable bio-base resins in our Bio-Set graphic panel product which combines our graphic infusion process with a complete set of bio-resins and rapidly renewable flax fiber composite reinforcement and core material. Bio-Set graphic panels are the first and only 10 year warranted rapidly renewable bio-resin, custom graphic panel.



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Bases & Frames

Bases & Frames

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Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

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