Our Hallmark

Customer service is the hallmark of ColorSet Composites. Our industry standing is synonymous with quality and reliability. The following information will allow our clients to create and submit digital files for panels, signs, exhibit bases and frames.

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File Prep Guidelines

Good file preparation will make any project
go easier. Click on the button below to download
our guide.

Technical Specifications

Find out more about our products in detail in this section.
You can download all of our technical specifications sheets by
visiting the link below

Upload Here

If you are uploading files to us, please take a few seconds and fill out as much of the Online File Information Form as you are able. Any information you can give will help guide us in the organization of your files, and the production of your panels.

Panel Installation & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can help extend the life of panels. Click the button below to download cleaning and maintenance instructions for CSC panels that meet your technical specifications. Also included are product suggestions for removing different types of graffiti.

Artwork Submission