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ColorSet Composite Panels are long-lasting, full-color signage that allows a message to be viewed easily and effectively. We understand that signage is much more than marking paths, sharing history, being interpretive or informational.  Clear communication should never be left to chance – especially on a commercial sign. Non-fading, impermeable signage allows bright colors and vivid graphics to remain so during the lifetime of a sign or panel.



Graphics Panels

DuraSet Graphic Panels are full color, structural panels made by combining our patented process and tradition composite resins and materials with a focus on eliminating VOC’s and other harmful chemistry.  We have formulated the best woven and non-woven reinforcement materials for the most strength and durability possible for each panel thickness.  ½”and ¾” thick panels are produced using a lightweight core material making these panels much lighter and easier to ship while still being the most durable panels available today.

Signage for Quail Creek State Park near Hurricane, Utah. "Washington County Water Conservancy District - Utah Division Parks & Recreation - Bureau of Land Management"


Graphics Panels

BioSet Graphic Panels are produced by combining our patented technology and rapidly renewable and recycled materials.  Our BioSet panels use flax fiber reinforcement and resin with up to 53% of bio-sourced content. These resins have the same physical properties, UV & chemical resistance compared to conventional resins.  This resin provides a carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) up to 30% less than traditional resins.  Additionally, our technology and production method does not require high heat and pressure which greatly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional methods.  A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been performed on the use of our bio-resin with flax fibers for a lounge seat application. Results show -31% of the green house gases (GHG) emissions compared to standard resin with glass fibers.  Bio-composites like our BioSet panels are more expensive than more traditional DuraSet panels because the rapidly renewable materials used in Bio-composites have not had time to grow in the marketplace but more and more consumers are seeing the benefits of green materials and more producers are coming online and this will eventually make these materials less expensive.